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We offer both NON-CONTRACT routine sanitizing programs as well as EMERGENCY us today to learn more!

Routine Sanitizing Program

Over 94% of our clients engage in one of our four (4) Routine Sanitizing Programs-- Platinum (every 2 weeks), Gold (monthly), Silver (every 6 weeks) or Bronze (every other month, 6x per year).  Services for each of these packages are the same, only the frequency of the service is different.  We require NO LONG TERM contracts or commitments--we believe if the service is not right for you or you wish to cancel, you should have that opportunity to do so at ANYTIME. No penalties or fees.  We are proud to claim a 98% client retention rate over the last 10 years simply because of the service we provide AND because of the team that provides it!

Our teams travel to YOUR site and perform all services within your facilities.  We service one ambulance/First Responder at a time and are trained to have a vehicle "ready to respond" within 45 seconds should it be needed for a call, regardless of where we are in the sanitizing program.  Each ambulance takes approximately 45-90 minutes to service dependent upon condition.


How to choose the right program?  Simple, talk to us and lets look at your current Infectious Disease Prevention Program, where you feel you need assistance, and your overall fleet maintenance and call volume.  To earn the Certificate of Hygiene and Safety, we require a complete service be performed every 50-62 calls PER AMBULANCE.  Let's break this down...

Lets assume you have 3 ambulances and you generally run 1,200 EMS calls per year.  This means you average 100 calls per month, thus approximately 33 calls per ambulance per month.  We would recommend our BRONZE program and service your ambulances every other month or six times a year.  You have the option to increase or decrease frequency whenever you like.  Pricing is consistent with all our clients and is factored by quantity of vehicles and frequency of service.

Emergency Services Program

Whether you are a current routine services member or not, ClinicalClean offers an Emergency Services option for situations such as bedbugs, lice, bodily fluids, bloodborne pathogens, or any situation that renders your ambulances unsafe for operation.  Members receive priority service and our response is generally within a few hours. 


Please call our Emergency Service HOTLINE at:  631.987.1132

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