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Leaders in Infection Prevention for EMS / Fire


Ambulance Sanitizing


We are the recognized leader in our field.  Our highly experienced and trained staff provide medical grade cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting services to Fire/EMS vehicles, equipment, and facilities.  We come to YOUR site with over $50,000 worth of the most technologically advanced sanitizing equipment available.  ClinicalClean employs solutions and protocols that are designed and approved by world renowned microbiologists and disease prevention experts.  ClinicalClean programs enhance your in-house routines and ensure YOUR COMPLIANCE with local, state, and federal guidelines.

Our Value


  • Compliance assurance and documentation

  • Professional medical grade cleaning and sanitizing

  • State-of-the-art equipment

  • Proprietary 5-Stage Process includes a long lasting antimicrobial barrier coating on all critical surfaces

  • Reliable and seamless service

  • Emergency response when needed

  • Service packages to meet the needs and budgets of the organization

  • The desire to provide the safest environment for your crews, their families, and your community

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Over  250,000 Ambulances Serviced... 0 Deficiencies!

"We are 100% volunteers and we are stretched thin these days. While we service our equipment and ambulances every day I knew we needed help. Probably the best investment we ever made when it comes to the morale and welfare of my people and the ambulances and everything inside always looks great!"


New Jersey EMS Captain


“Our guys do the best they can trying to keep the ambulances clean but I know it's not enough…with so many calls and so little time, we needed a better solution to keep our people and our patients safe. ClinicalClean is our answer and their techs ensure our ambulances and first responder vehicles are in compliance with local guidelines while making ME feel better that my people won't get hurt."


Suffolk County Fire/EMS Chief

"Last year one of our probies destroyed a $20,000 monitor trying to clean blood off of it. We had rust all over our floor fasteners and I even found mold in a cabinet. I had no idea how cost-effective the SafeEMS program was and wish I called them years ago! I recommend EVERY Fire department sign these guys up - you won't regret it!"

Nassau County Fire Commissioner

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