The ClinicalClean SafeSCHOOL Program

Safeguarding the children in your care is job #1

Public and private schools, day care centers, and nursery schools all share one thing in common… the interior surfaces are the conduit for the transmission of a plethora of dangerous bacteria, viruses, and germs! The media "blacklists" facilities that unfortunately fall prey to localized outbreaks. We have seen several epidemics in recent years and experts predict we will see many, many more in the years to come. It is not a matter of "if" but a matter of "when"! Conventional "spray and wipe" practices fall short of providing the protection your communities demand in these environments. Time, manpower, budgets, and sheer number of high-risk / high-touch surfaces vs students/children make it nearly impossible to achieve the results you and your communities expect…until NOW!

  • 24/7 Germ Killing Power
  • Safe, Non-Toxic and Green
  • Eliminate Odors
  • Increases Visual Appeal
  • Reduces Risk and Liability
  • Ensures Safety and Compliance
  • Increases Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Saves Money on Equipment Repairs
  • Certificate of Hygiene and Safety

"There are 200x MORE germs in a classroom than a public subway restroom!"

It takes only one incident to seriously damage your reputation…

The ClinicalClean SafeSCHOOL Program provides you, your administration, your staff, and your clients/students a low-cost yet extremely effective solution for continuous 24/7 germ and pathogen removal while ensuring compliance with all local, state, and federal guidelines! Utilizing a patent-pending 5-Stage Sanitizing Process culminating with a non-toxic and GREEN anti-microbial barrier treatment application, the War on Germs is finally tilted in our favor! NO toxic solutions, NO dangerous leaching chemicals, PLENTY of power to minimize the risks of infectious disease transmission!

We do NOT replace your current daily cleaning program or service—we compliment what you/they are doing and ensure the best results possible! Don't risk the damaging effects of one single incident—let the trusted, trained, and certified technicians at ClinicalClean™ provide you with an all-inclusive patent-pending and medical grade 5-stage Sanitizing Process program that cleans, sanitizes, and PROTECTS your interior surfaces (classrooms, lunchrooms, restrooms, kitchens, workstations, etc) from ALL the dangerous pathogens and odor causing bacteria commonly found in schools and daycare facilities!

When you partner with ClinicalClean, you partner with long term success and effectiveness! Our exclusive ANTI-MICROBIAL Protection Treatment Plan promises 24/7 residual kill up to 24 months! As a ClinicalClean SafeSCHOOL Certified™ customer, we will routinely inspect, test, and, if necessary, provide UNLIMITED applications of our Anti-Microbial germ killing and invisible barrier coating guaranteeing the highest level of safety and hygiene for you, your customers, and your community!

Give us a call today to learn more about our SafeSCHOOL Program and what ClinicalClean™ can do for you!

  • thought-stem"My children and their health and safety are my #1 priority and concern. We know all about germs and how easily they spread and we spend countless hours cleaning with all kinds of solutions and chemicals that we have researched are safe and effective. I reached out to ClinicalClean and, honestly, was a bit hesitant but I needed an easier and less costly solution. I LOVE THEM!!! I can confidently say my school is CLEAN and my kids are safe!!! We even tested some areas to see just how well their antimicrobial treatment program was working and the results were unbelievable! Not only are we a customer for life, I hired them to treat my home with their SafeHOME program as well!"
    Owner, Daycare Center
  • thought-stem"Our parents expect a clean environment for their children and it is a point of emphasis for our staff. Utilizing the SafeSCHOOL program provides the highest level of hygienic safety for our students without exceeding our standard facilities' budget. Extremely pleased."
    Vice Principal, Private High School

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